Ten fascinating features of the latest samsung S9 & S9+

3. Super Slow-mo

Samsung’s Super Slow-mo feature on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ is mind-blowing. The camera captures video in 720p HD resolution at a mind-blowing 960 fps. And because the quality of Samsung’s new Super Speed Dual Pixel camera is so good, the clarity of well-lit Super Slow-mo videos is flat-out nuts.

There’s also a great secondary feature of Samsung’s Super Slow-mo mode called Motion Detection. This way, you can begin recording normal-speed video at any time. Once motion is detected inside a specific area in the frame, the camera automatically switches to Super Slow-mo to ensure you don’t miss a moment of the action.

4. camera

The Galaxy S9 only features a single lens on the rear of the phone, but Samsung has packed in lots of improvements in its effort to ‘reimagine’ the phone camera.

There’s a 12MP rear sensor with optical image stabilization, and a lot of the other features we’ve come to expect from high-end Samsung devices.

One of the biggest upgrades is new dual-aperture technology, with the camera automatically adjusting the aperture depending on the scene you’re shooting, much like the human eye adapts to changing light.

5. AR Emoji

AR Emoji is also a feature of Samsung’s new camera, and it’s the South Korean company’s take on Apple’s Animoji feature that was introduced on the iPhone X.

There are a few different components of AR Emoji, and the first is basically a carbon copy of Animoji. You can select a character from the Galaxy S9’s stable, and it’ll mimic your expressions, head gestures, and mouth movements as you speak. There’s another layer to it though, and it’s kind of nifty but also kind of hilarious.

Remember when Siri-enabled “iTV” rumors first popped up and Samsung rushed out new TVs with a voice assistant built-in so it could beat Apple to the punch? Well last year it was rumored that the iPhone X would have a feature that would let someone scan his or her face to create a 3D avatar that could then be animated in a wide range of scenes. That feature never materialized on the iPhone X, but wouldn’t you know it… Samsung included it on the Galaxy S9 and S9+

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